Information/Instructional design

What is Information and instructional design?

Information design is about the clear and simplified presentation of information the audience can easily understand, while Instructional is about clear instructional strategies used to best aid learning. This is further explained below;

Information Design: can be defined as “an area concerned with understanding reader and user responses to written and visually presented information” (Beardslee, n.d.). It’s the action of informing: creating meaningful information by giving it form and structure and purpose in order to come across clearly and be understood by the target audience. The presentation of message content in consideration to the viewer. (Kook-kim, Y, .n.d.).

Instructional Design: can be defined as “a technology which incorporates known and verified learning strategies into instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing” (Merrill et al., n.d.). It’s about the determination of design strategies and learning experiences to best achieve the acquisition of knowledge. Instructions as a visual source to help understand a process/information (Tucker, C., 2007).


Information design:

Oil imports to the US- is clear and concise portrayal of information and breaks down the content for the audience to understand.


About the Orange: Clearly shows and breaks down information on different parts of the orange. You also get instant information on its geography as well.


Instructional Design-

Convertible roof: Clear instructions to help the user learn how adjust the roof of the car.


Exercise positions: Step instructions to help users learn different exercise positions more effectively as it shows characters in each position.



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